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On our last day in Switzerland we were planning to go to the top of Pilatus but it was totally socked-in with clouds. There was no point since there would be no views to see. Luckily we had the views from our hike on the 17th.

So we changed our plans and after drinking delicious Italian hot chocolate and eating our croissant for breakfast, we boarded the train to Zurich.

More traffic and people everywhere. We took our luggage to the Lion Lodge and went out to explore the old part of Zurich. I was sure missing the hikes in nature but I did take photos of the buildings and fountains. What a change. Zurich is a lovely city, but it is not the mountains and country. It was transitioning back to city life.

We were not able to take photos inside the church.  There were beautiful stained glass windows and a window made out of thin pieces of Agate  The door to the church was beautiful.

One of my favorite places was to walk along the river.

Taking photos through the trees is always fun.

We crossed over the river and looked back to the other side.

The top of one of the buildings has a deer sculpture on the top.

After our walk we took the train to Bulach because Shirley great grandparents were married there in 1857. We found our way to the Rathaus because we were told that she would find the information there.

The people there sent us to the Zivilstandsamt where they store the records. The woman was very, very nice but explained that her records only go back to 1879. She told Shirley that she would have to get the records from the office in Zurich but they were closed on Monday. But now Shirley knows where to write for the records. She asked about how old the church was and she is pretty sure that it is where her great grandparents got married.  I hope she can get the records when she writes to them.  I sure wish that I could get records for my ancestors but they were all destroyed in Russia.

That was the end of our trip to Switzerland.

Our flight to Amsterdam and then Portland was at 7:00 am so we had to be at the airport at 5:00. Shirley ordered a Uber car because the trains didn’t start running until after 5;00.   The airport was practically empty when we arrived. I am so happy that I was able to sleep through most of our flights home.

Our wonderful vacation in Switzerland has come to an end. I am so privileged to have been able to travel in Switzerland for the past four weeks. This has been an incredibly beautiful trip. I am so thankful for so many aspects of this trip.  We are truly blessed.