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Los Arcos to Viana

I realized when I was getting ready for bed last night that I actually have a blister on my heal. Blister bandaid in the morning and off I went.

What a beautiful morning. I love walking when it is cool. We left a 6:15 this morning. I turned around to see the sun rising.

The sunrises were beautiful.
We walked into the first town for a snack.

We walked on the road.
There was a place where many small stone towers were built. I don’t know why because it is not the place where we are suppose to leave our stone from home.

People built small stone towers.

Somebody left a pair of pants.

Somebody left their pants behind.
We arrived in Viana close to noon and exhausted after only about 19 – 20km. It was 40 degrees Celsius. My feet, ankles, and legs ache for a while, but get better after I rest.

Several of us just prepared our own dinners tonight in the Albergue. In my own lazy way I had smoked salmon over tomatoes and cucumbers. It was great. Did I tell you that I had ice-cream 3 times yesterday, but only once today.

9:00 and bed time for me.