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Ventosa to Azofra to Granon to Belorado

The Camino is truly magic.

In Ventosa I had breakfast with Rosa, and, Elodia, & Chris (all from California). It was my first breakfast of huevos and bacon on the Camino.

Again the sunrise was beautiful. Here is Elodia.

Another beautiful sunrise near Ventosa.
The trail was red soil which is great when it is dry.

Some trails were red soil.
A photo of the grapes along the trail cannot show how beautiful they are.

The grapes were beautiful.
While taking this photo from the bridge in Najera, along came Clemente, a man I met the night before in Ventosa.

There was a nice view from the bridge in Najera.
He took me to a bar (that is what they call all the restaurants) and bought a small cod sandwich and a small eggs with pepper sandwich (traditional food) for me.

Clemente took Me for Spanish snack in Najera.
The Municipal Albergue in Azofra was wonderful. While I was doing my laundry, I heard fire crackers. I should have gone right to the square because I missed the parade. It was for the Gracias Festival, thanks for the grapes and wine.
Clemente went out and spoke to the locals until he found a man who would take us to his private wine making place.

I had the 100 year old key to the wine cellar.
Me holding the 150 year old key to the door. More photos when I get home. We shared a glass of wine with the owner.

Shared glass of wine with owner
That night the festival continued. I think all the people from the village were there. I loved watching the children dance and dancing with them.  The peregrinos  and I danced until 10:30 when we went back to the Albergue to sleep. The dancing then began again at 1:00 am and went until after 4 am.

Here are Clemente and I.

We danced at the festival.
On to Granon:
I loved the streets of Santa Domingo de Calzada

The streets of Santa Domingo de Calzada.

Highlights “Go Magic”

  • Sheep crossing the road in front of us.
    There were sheep crossing the road.
  • Sheep herder with his sheep.

Here is the sheep herder with his sheep.

  • Cooking and sharing dinner in the old monastery with 24 people

We shared a meal in Granon.

  • It was such a joy to meet people from so many countries. It is September 7th and the festival continues in Belorado so I am off to the square.