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Tralee to Camp

The performance last night was wonderful. Peter, Mary and I all had a good time.  I loved the singing in Gaelic and the dancing (especially the children in the performances) was so fantastically energetic.  I know that Peter would have liked us to go out with him after the show, but knowing that I had to get up by 7:00 to eat breakfast and go hiking made that impossible for me.  I needed to be in bed by 11:00.

We sure know we are in Ireland when they keep saying that the next day’s weather will be better and we wake up to the drizzling day.  Actually, it was a bit warmer than yesterday and, besides, the rain is not going to stop us.

We walked along the Tralee Ship Canal which had been built to link Tralee to the sea at Blennerville.  The canal is about 2km long and was only open from 1846 to 1930s when a deep water quay was built at Fenit.

Blennerville was the point of departure for emigrants from Kerry during the Great Famine (1845 – 1850).   We took the time to visit the Blennerville Windmill which was built in 1800.  It fell into ruin by 1846, but was restored in 1981.  Now it is the largest working windmill in Britain and Ireland.

Today’s was literally in the fog for most of the way.  You can see how foggy it was in the following photo.

We were walking in the fog.

Sometimes the fog would lift.  You can see Mary on the trail.


We walked on the stony paths, across the rough paths, through the bog, over slippery rocks, and crossed narrow bridges over three rivers.  The rivers seemed more like beautiful stream beds.



Curraheen River

Curraheen River


Derryquay River

Derryquay River

Derrymore River

Derrymore River

Today’s walk is also part of the Kerry Camino which walks in the footsteps of St. Brendon.  We actually came to Camino stamping stations where I put stamps into my real passport.



There was even a cairn like we saw on the Camino in Spain.


Mary likes to take photos of flowers and I took one of this daisy with water droplets all over it.


We did have some views of the ocean when the fog occasionally lifted.


The green fields sometimes look like blankets of velvet.


We passed by the remains of the Killelton Oratory which was a 10th or 11th Century small church.  Very little remains except the doorway.


Although today’s hike had many rocky, slippery, and boggy spots (I actually found myself suddenly on the ground 2 times), there were also gentle and grassy paths.



I was very tired we finally reached Camp. We stopped at a pub and had dinner with another hiker, Josephine.  Then we were picked up by Valerie and taken to the Lurraga House B&B.  We have a great room and it is now time to go to sleep.


Lough Acoose to Glenbeigh

We met so many wonderful Irish people on this trip. They are not only friendly and helpful, but they are also very playful.  Every one of them has been a delight to meet.

Yesterday I said that Paulie made our dinner, but I was wrong.  He drove us from the drop spot.  His wife, Burdie, made our meals.  Here are Burdie, Mary, and I in the front room at their beautiful front room at Blackstone B&B.

We were in the sun room at Blackstone B&B.

The view from the front room was wonderful

This is the sunroom at Blackstone B&B.

Our hike today involved a few confused spots.  Once we missed a turn and had to retrace our steps. Another time we waved down a woman who was driving on the back road for directions.   We walked on stone paths (which seem to be quite frequent) on these hikes.  Notice the stones between the posts on the stile.  That is the path.


The path we walked was rocky.

Mary climbed up that rock because that was the path.  Those of you who know the Camino have not walked anything rockier than what we have done in the past 3 days.

This is another stone path

On the other hand some of the paths were smooth and easy.  Here we walked along the river on the grass.

We walked on the grass.

I loved walking through the birch tree forest.

I walked through a birch tree forest

We asked a woman what this fluffy plant is call.  She told us it is a possum.

This plant is called a possum

We don’t know the name of this flower, but Mary captured a photo of a bee on it.

There is a bee on this flower

Does anybody know what kind of flower it is?

We don't know the name of this flower

The views of Lough Caragh and the fields of green added to the joy of today’s hike.

A view of Laugh Caragh



Ireland has fields of green

Just before we finally arrived in Glenbaugh we found St Finian’s Holy Well.  Mary has been reading about these in a novel.  Apparently they were used by the Catholics to bring Pagans into Catholicism.

This is a holy wrll

We arrived ic Glenbeigh by 7:30; just in time to have dinner at the Olde Glenbeigh Hotel (where a woman we saw when we were walking told us would be the best place to eat) and hear delightful Irish Music.


First Three Days

Our first three days and have been quite amazing.   On the first day we arrived and got our SIM cards set up and then went to Collins B & B.  After setting everything up we went out to Murphy’s Pub for dinner.  After dinner we went to hear music across the street from the pub. There  was a great folksinger in the bar and to my amazement he was singing a John Prine song. Mary and I were really enjoying the music and stayed around until after 11 o’clock. We were a bit late to get to bed – probably midnight.

We were picked up and from out bed-and-breakfast by Dux and taken to the restored 15th Century Ross Castle.

This is Ross Castle in Black Valley, Ireland.

Dux’ son Donal drove the small boat. He was delightful. It was a bit cold on the boat and even drizzled a bit of rain on us. So we were all covered up with a tarp.  From the boat we saw baby deer and Mountain goats. We went through three Lake and connecting river. At one point we had to get out of the boat so it could keep it moving through a narrow passage with the water rushing down.  

We had to take the boat upstream.

We learned that rhododendrons here in Ireland or weed. They are interfering with the walnut trees and grow to be quite huge. They are tempted to cut all of them down to get rid of them.

The boat ride took about hour and a half and we got off at Lord Brandon’s Cottage where we had a bowl of soup for lunch.

Our hiking didn’t start out until about 130 in the afternoon.  Today’s hike was about 13 miles.  It was through Killarney National Park.  The views of the lake and moss covered trees were so beautiful.  I am just going to try to upload a couple photos.

I loved this tree.

I loved this tree in the black valley.

This is a a view in the Black Valley
 I loved the paths in the Black Valley
There were even yellow arrows on some of the rocks to guide our way.  The rocks next to the arrow with the actual path.  This part of today’s hike took us a very long time.

There were arrows on the rocks in Black Valley

  We walked by rushing streams and waterfalls.

We walked by rushing streams in Black Valley.

 Here I am by the waterfall.

Here I am by the waterfall in Black Valley.
Some of the trees were absolutely amazing.

Trees in Black Valley were amazing.

 The stone bridges and archways reminded me of Spain.

The stone arches reminded me of Camino.

Somehow I didn’t seem to get the photos of when the path got very difficult. It was very rocky and we had to go very slowly. So much to our amazement we didn’t get back onto the main road until 8:30 PM. We stopped at the first place where we could get food to eat. Then we still had to walk back to Killarney and didn’t get home until after 10:45.  I think by the time we got fully settled it was almost midnight and we had to be up and ready to leave by 8 AM.

Today was more even amazing  than yesterday. We walked through the Black Valley to Lough Acoose.  Again the moss-covered rock, trees, views of the lake, patches of clover, and boulders were absolutely breath-taking. Just a few more photos.

These moss covered rocks were beautiful.

These large moss-covered rocks were so beautiful

These large moss covered rocks were amazing. 

I loved these small islands and view of the mountains.

I loved the small islands and mountain views.

At one point we were even walking right through somebody’s farmland. We loved all the sheep.

There are sheep and lamb everywhere.

How about the black face and pink ears.
This lamb with pink ears is so cute..

We climbed over styles and where having a blast.

I climbed the stile.

We were trying to make her way for lunch to a restaurant called the Cookie Monster Café.  We came upon the house where a young woman came out and told us the way. She told us to just hop over the gate (ha) and continue on over the hill for about 45 minutes. Words and pictures cannot describe the mountain goat track where we were walking.  There was actually no path. We were just scrambling up through the rocks and the bog.  It is probably the most difficult trail I’ve ever walked; if you could call it a trail.  And though going up was quite difficult, going down was actually even a bit more treacherous.   Here are pictures of Mary and me on part of the trail, but as I said, the photos do not depict the difficulty.


 Mary is walking on the rocks in Black Valley


I am walking on the rocky path in Black Valley
The next photo is me climbing over the fence.  We did this a couple of times.

I had to climb a fence in Black Valley

Then we finally arrived at the café, but it was about 2 hours later. I am not sure how anybody could have done that hike in 45 minutes. John and Cookie, owners of the cafe, made us a delicious lunch and our dessert was homemade ice cream.  John showed me a picture of his mom and told me that I reminded him of her.

After lunch we had to climb over another small mountain. Our total elevation gain today was only 2543 feet and we walked about 15 miles.  All in all it was really a fabulous, remarkable day. 

Tonight we are staying at the Blackstone house bed-and-breakfast. We are in the very isolated place right on the lake. It is so peaceful here. Pauline cooked an absolutely delicious dinner for us.

This is a beautiful lake near Blackstone B&B.

This is the Blackstone Bridge near the Blackstone B&B.

This is the Blackstone Bridge near the BV&B.  
Tomorrow we are supposed to have a much easier day