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Another Day at Parry Beach and the Bach 10/20/16

It was such a delight to sleep in a warm bed (electric mattress pad) and wake up to the view of the sunset over the trees and bush and out to the ocean. It had been raining so much when we arrived that we didn’t even see the spectacular view.

I awoke early and got up to see the beautiful sky before the actual sunrise.


The U.S. debates were on the T.V. at 9:00 am here. I just didn’t want to deal with seeing them. Jan and I took a walk down the road. We saw a mob of kangaroos bounding through the paddock.

The marsh below our path was lovely.


These are some of the grasses growing in the marsh


We walked down to Hillery Beach…



…. Walked out onto the rocks for a bit, but the waves were coming in so we couldn’t stay too long,

rocks-at-hillier-beachWe walked for a while through the sand.


On the way back to the Bach (our lovely home), I loved looking at the marsh reflections in the water in the marsh.


After a quick-lunch we drove into Denmark.

Jan and Lyn went shopping in the OP shops. Rose and I took a walk through the town and found the Denmark Gelato Shop. I sure enjoyed the chocolate and Hazelnut cone and had fun talking with the owner.


We met up with Jan and Lyn at the coffee shop and I had a delicious cup of dark hot chocolate.

On our way to Parry Beach we stopped where the river comes into the Southern Ocean. It was called Paddy Shot on the map.


Then we drove to another viewpoint that was above the river inlet.


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The Trip to Parry Beach 10/19/16

Sleeping was not as cold last night. When I woke up, Lynn was cooking scones.



I went outside to try to find the Red Headed Parrots (I think they are called Rosella) that have been all over the lawn outside our place. They are very skittish so it was hard to get a photo.


We drove to Walpole and went to the visitor center to buy tickets to the Tree Top Walk.

Lynn drove us on a 2 km scenic drive to see the Walpole and Norolup Inlet, but we didn’t get out of the car.

We stopped along the way by the Norolup River to have morning tea.


Lyn brought out the scones she had wrapped in a tea towel, so we had a treat again.


The Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk was very interesting. This is the first time I have seen Red Tingle . They are unique to a small area around Walpole and Norolup. One of the characteristics is their huge buttressed bases which can have a circumference of up to 20 meters. Some of the larger trees have hollowed out bases caused by insect and fungal attack and then fire burning out the dead wood.

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