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Green Pools, The GAP, and Albany 10/21/16

Jan went out for a walk this morning before I even woke up. She found some Enamel Orchids. So before we left here, she took us to see them. How beautiful.




We passed a pond that had more pelicans than I had ever seen together.


Before we left the area we went to see the Green Pools. They lie on the edge of William Bay National Park and are famous for their turquoise green waters and pristine sandy beach. There are large granite boulders surrounding the pool which protect it from the might of the Southern Ocean.

It was just beautiful. I just couldn’t capture the color of the water in my photos.



There was a small bird that landed right below me. So here is the bird for today.

Version 2

Jan took a photo of Rose, Lyn, and me.


I just had to climb up on the rocks that were along the pristine sandy beach.


It was low tide. I went out on some rocks to see into the pools of water. These creatures were swimming below me. I have no idea what they are.


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