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Pamplona with friends and then on to Puenta de la Reina

I am so lucky to have spent the day with Susanna and her friends . First we went to the market to buy food. Then one of her friends, Manuel, picked us up and drove Susanna; her friend, Nasy, and I out into the country to a very small village. We stopped at a wine cellar on the way.

We stopped to buy wine.
Manuel owners a house that was originally built-in the 12th century.

The gate to the court-yard.

This is a 12th century door to the house.
They were getting water from the well.

Juan and Manuel bringing up water from the well (but not for drinking).


They cooked on the BBQ.

Barbecue where they cooked the fresh sardines that Susanna bought in the market and the ribs.

Other friends (Raul, Diana, Juan, and Noeme) arrived and they all brought food. It was a regular Spanish potluck. I feel so privileged to have been there. I felt immersed in Spanish culture. There was no electricity or running water because Manuel is not living there right now.

Part of our lunch was squid, octopus , and tomatoes.


It was a great BBQ lunch.the BBQ lunch was great.
Juan bring a guitar and we sat around singing. Noeme even did a Taro reading for each of us. Everybody tried to help translate for me so that I could be included in conversations.

I so love being a Servas traveler. I will stay connected to Susanna.

I left Susanna’s apartment at 7:15 headed for Puenta de la Reina. The first part was a climb of about 1500 feet. I loved the fields of drying sun flowers, the wind turbines

There were wind turbines in view.

and the sculpture showing the history of pilgrims atĀ Alto del Perdon.

History of Camino is displayed in the sculpture at Alto del Perdon.

I loved seeing Marlin again.

I met Marlin at the top.

The sunflowers were just about done blooming, but I still loved the fields.

Sunflowers were almost done blooming.
The breeze was such a relief from the heat. I was so surprised to bump into Anna again and we had lunch.
I really enjoy the times I am walking by myself. A small twist of my foot on the stones reminded me that the Camino is one step at a time and then I thought that actually life is one step at a time.
How lucky for me that when I arrived (very tired after about 34 km) in Puenta de la Reina I got the last bed in the Jakue Albergue dormitory.

I got the last bunk bed.
Off to sleep on the top bunk.