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Another Great Day in Barcelona

It is so wonderful to stay with a local person. First Leonardo looked up the train schedule to Pamplona on his computer. Then he told me how to get to the Central Station by walking and taking the Metro so that I could purchase my ticket for Sunday. I also managed to take the bus to Park Guell where I saw some of the works of Gaudi.
Although it was cloudy today, I could see views of the city from the top.

You can see Barcelona from Park Guell
This is one of Gaudi’s houses.

This is one of Gaudi's Houses.
These columns are supposed to stimulate palm trees.

Gaudi designed these to look like Palm Trees.

Towers designed by Gaudi.
The ceramic benches and figures brought back memories of Cuba.

These ceramic figures reminded me of what I saw in Cuba.
This afternoon Leonardo and I went to a fantastic seafood restaurant, La Paradeta, where we chose the seafood and the cooked it. We has grilled calamari with garlic and basil, grilled tuna, mussels in red sauce, giant prawns, and a fantastic salad. They cooked a couple of things at a time so we had time to eat slowly.

La Paradeta was a great fresh seafood restaurant in Barcelona.
This is the tuna and calamari.

The grilled tuna and calamari was fantastic.
I love the way people have plants in front of their apartments.

I love the plants on the walls in Barcelona.
This evening Leonardo had arranged for me to have a front row seat at the local Flamenco¬†Dancing Show. I was mesmerized by not only the dancing, but also the guitar playing, drumming, and singing. They did everything with such passion. Photos cannot capture it. I wish¬†the videos I took would work, but I’m not sure how to do that yet.

The Flamenco dancing was spectacular.