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Last Day in Bergen and Off to Our Cruise 9/26

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I decided to spend the day with Marty and Ellen

This lovely yellow flower was growing right outside of our house.

We tried to take a couple more photos to show the street where we are apartment was.  The last stretch was up this cobble stone street and then the staircase in the back of the photo.

This was the hill just before the last approach to the apartment.

They were going to do the tour of the Hanseatic Museum but when we got there we decided to just walk arou8nd the museum and I would tell them what I remembered from my tour.  When we were in the Schøtstuene, I read more of the little signs that were hanging from the ceiling    I took a photo of this one.  Apparently, of course, Trump did not coin the phrase, “Fake News.:

I took another photo of the stove.


I looked up some information about this portrait.  I think I am correct when I write that all the items in the museum are original and were initially collected from Bryggen or from various surrounding farms by Johan Wilhelm Wiberg (1829–98). His son, Christian Koren Wiberg (1870–1945) later built up the museum which became the responsibility of Bergen municipality in 1916.

A very interesting (actually astounding))thing happened when we were passing this portrait.  Ellen said that he winked at her.  Seriously!  We didn’t believe her.  Then she said that he did it again.  So I stared at the portrait for a while and I saw the portrait wink.  Marty hadn’t seen it so she stared at it and … wow … it winked again.  Then we saw the portrait expressing and smile change while we were watching it.  This is not something we were told to observe when Jane and I were here yesterday.  I am sure glad we came back today to see this very strange portrait.

Ellen wanted a cup of coffee so we set out for a search for a coffee shop.  That was not an easy task.  We had to ask several people.  Finally we found one and had coffee, tea, and a treat.  Then we passed this church.

We didn’t go into it.  I loved the door.

I thought this was an interesting building.

We then took a one way ride up the Fløibanen for the view.

Our lunch today was a medley of soups that were delicious.  There were a choice of 4 different soups and between the 3 of us, we tasted all of them.

We took some photos our ourselves with the troll.

Today we had a view of the Hurtigruten ship that we were going to take this afternoon.

Then we walked down the trail back towards Bergen center.  There were many choices of trails and we meandered down several of them.  We weren’t sure whether we were on the correct one.  We just kept going down.  What a surprise when we came to the street that was right above our house.  This was very lucky.

The owner of our house, Sondre, picked us up and made two trips to the Hurtigruten dock.  We are so lucky that he offered to do that.  It would have been quite the task to get to the ship.

There was a fairly long line of people to check into our rooms on the ship.  There was a safety meeting but it was just a video.  That was nothing like having to actually suit up like we had to do on the Antarctica trip.

We had a delicious buffet dinner; an information meeting about daily activities; papers that described each day’s activities; and introductory meeting from our astronomy expert and then off to bed.  We were quite concerned about using the top bunk in the room.  We asked about the possibility of getting one more room but then Marty volunteered to try using the top bunk.

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