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Flam to Bergen 9/23


Today was the last leg of our Norway in a Nutshell portion of our trip.  They are working towards Zero Emissions and we rode on a hybrid ship.


It was a beautiful morning for a ride through the Nærøyfjord.  The Nærøyfjord is an arm of the famous Sognefjord.  It is no wonder that it is a UNESCO World Heritage area.  We were so lucky because I heard that yesterday that fog we experienced prevented the people from getting any views on their trip.

There were waterfalls all along the route.

They pulled over at this waterfall.  I offered to take many photos of people who were doing selfies.  

A women even took one of me.


We  passed several  small  villages. What an incredibly beautiful place to live but I cannot  imagine  living  so isolated.  


After the 2 hour ride we arrived in  Gudvangen where we boarded a bus.  There were  thatched roof buildings where they sold things.

Another chance to view a fantastic waterfall.

The bus driver told us that we would be driving down a narrow road that has an 18X slope.

This is a monument for a poet but I don’t know which one.

The views were spectacular.

This was quite the hairpin turn.

With  more  views  of  valley.

And of course, more waterfalls.

And more turns.

What a wonderful bus ride.


Of course there was a tunnel,

We arrived in Voss where we were to have a 2 hour wait.  We saw a train to Bergen pull out of the station but we just missed it.  We checked the schedule and saw that there was another train leaving in 1 hour.  So when it arrived we asked permission to take that one.

At the Bergen station I took our instructions for getting to our AirBnB.  I thought we were suppose to take a bus.  But the man at the station said there was not bus and directed us to the Fish Market where we would find an Information center.  The streets are mostly cobblestone and it was not easy negotiating with our suitcases.  We asked several people to make sure we were going the correct direction.

At the information center the woman told us how to get to our house.  I also asked her to mark a Bergen map with the places we wanted to visit.  We bought Bergan passes for the nexxt 4 days of touring but n hindsight, ti think that was a waste.  More cobblestone streets to negotiate and we finally arrived at the house.

We had to choose the bedrooms we were going to use for sleeping and there was a very narrow staircase up to most of them.  Jane, Sue, and I drew numbers to decide.  Sue took the downstairs bedroom.  I took the sheets/covers off of one half of a bed in the room Jane was going to use.  I was going to sleep on the couch because I didn’t want to take my suitcase upstairs.  We called the owner to get information about more bedding but Sue found some linens in a closet.  Jane convinced me to use a bed in one of the upstairs rooms.  Jane and I left our suitcases in the living room.  There is one more room upstairs for Marty and Ellen when the arrive.

A very good thing that came from our calling Gerta, the owner, is that her husband, Sondre, is going to come to the house after work on the 26th and drive us to the dock where our cruise ship will be docked.  It will take him 2 trips to get all 5 of us there.

I wanted to ride the funicular this evening but Jane and Sue wanted to get dinner first so we went to the market and purchased more yogurt for our breakfast and more salad for dinner.  Jane and Sue didn’t want to go out after that and I almost went on my own.  But I discovered some issues that needed responding and besides it was really time to do some laundry.

Tomorrow I will try to get some photos of the place we are staying and the cobblestone streets of Bergen.

Author: Nancy Panitch

Traveling has been a passion of Nancy Panitch's life and she loves seeing how people in other cultures live. Her travels have taken her to many places within the United States, Asia, Europe, South America, and Africa. Being around people inspires her and she has much gratitude for the kindred Souls that are joining together with her in body, mind, and heart. She moved from Chicago to Portland, Oregon in 1982. It was one of the best decisions of her life. While in Portland she stays very, VERY busy. She volunteers (Inter-Religious Action Network, Human Rights Council, & ushering for various theaters); attends a Unitarian Universalist church; goes hiking with groups (Cascade Prime Timers & Trails Club of Oregon) and also with individual friends. Book groups, movie group, and bridge groups occupy her time as well. Her quiet activities include yoga, knitting, Sudoku, and reading. She enjoys all of these activities, but making time to see her wonderful 4 grandchildren takes priority over it all. She is happy to share this blog and hopes to encourage others to travel.

2 thoughts on “Flam to Bergen 9/23

  1. At the waterfall where your train stopped, we also stopped. On the big rock about 1/3 of the way up the waterfall was a woman in a long red dress dancing to entertain the train passengers. It is a beautiful place. Loved Bergen too with its buildings along the water, the fish market, the museum and the people. Enjoy it!


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