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2nd Day in Oslo 9/18

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The day started out with another clothes problem.  Well not actually clothes.  It was my the zipper on my waterproof waste pack would t stay zipped.  It was not safe to carry things – especially my camera.   This was not going to work.

On the way to #54 bus, I wanted to take a photo of Sue and Jane coming back down the hill we walked up yesterday..  It was short and doesn’t look very steep, but carrying suitcases and wearing our backpacks made this much more difficult when we were exhausted. The 3 flights of stairs didn’t help much either.

We decided to ride the bus to the Central Station without tickets this morning. They didn’t check out tickets yesterday and we figured that we would tell them the truth – we are tourists and there were no places to purchase a ticket.

The first thing we did was to make sure we were going to know where to board the Norway in a Nutshell train on Friday morning so we are not confused early in the morning.  I purchased a pair of gloves for me to purchase.  I can’t possibly replace the ones that were lost but at least my hands won’t freeze.

Then we needed to decide what to do today.  The woman in the bus station suggested that we purchase the 48 hour pass that will work for all of the museums and the transportation system.  That was a fantastic idea.

First we went to the sporting goods store near central station and I quickly purchased a belt pack and another pair of gloves that will hopefully suffice for the rest of this trip.

It took a bit to find the corner for bus #30 and we were off exploring Oslo.  We passed a field of cows in the middle of the city.  We learned that we were passing the Bygdøy Royal Estate, also known as the Bygdø Royal Farm.  It  is a Kongsgård estate and manor house that occupies a large part of the northwestern part of the Bygdøy peninsula in Oslo, Norway. It is the official summer residence of the King of Norway.

Our first stop was the Norsk Folkemuseum which is a museum of cultural history with extensive collections of artifacts from all social groups and all regions of the country. There were more than 150 buildings which had been relocated from towns and rural districts.  We all took a few photographs.

This is the Gol Stave Church originally from Gol in the traditional region of Hallingdal in Buskerud county, Norway.

We watched this man repairing one of the thatched roof top.

This is one of the old storage buildings.

We watched this woman making a pair of fingerless gloves.  I can’t remember the name of the process she was using but it pre-dated knitting or crochet stitching.  The use all of the things they create for their costumes.

Loved the top of this building.

The fences were very interesting…

…as was this old bicycle.

Another building.

We enjoyed our time wandering through the village.


I usually take photos of every place I visit but taking photos inside of museums is not very interesting so I took some of them off of the web for memories.

Viking Ship Museum houses three Viking era burial ships that were found as part of archaeological finds from Tune, Gokstad, Oseberg and the Borre mound cemetery.

The Kon-Tiki Museum houses vessels and maps from the Kon-Tiki expedition, as well as a library with about 8000 books. Thor Heyerdahl is one of history’s most famous explorers. In 1947 he crossed the Pacific Ocean on the balsa wood raft Kon-Tiki,

We stopped for a quick lunch in the Fram Museuj.  The Fram Museum was one of the most interesting museums I have ever visited. The Fram was the first ship specially built in Norway for polar research. She was used on three important expeditions: with Fridtjof Nansen on a drift over the Arctic Ocean 1893-96, with Otto Sverdrup to the arctic archipelago west of Greenland – now the Nunavut region of Canada – 1898-1902, and with Roald Amundsen to Antarctica for his South Pole expedition 1910-12. We explored the entire ship and the details of every aspect of the ship was truly amazing.  It is a not to be missed place to visit in Oslo.

We decided to take the ferry back over from the Bygdøy Peninsula.  I was so tired that I actually took a 10 minute snooze waiting for the ferry.

We stopped for a cup of tea (needed black tea) before we visited the Nobel Peace Center.  It is a showcase for the Nobel Peace Prize and the ideals it represents. We were able to use our cell phones to access audio presentations from each part of the center.  At the end of our visit we perused the gift shop and Sue found a gift for Josh and Jenny 

While waiting for the trolly back the Central Station we spoke to a man who gave us excellent information about taking the buses to our destination for tomorrow.  He was another example of the wonderful people we meet in Oslo.  They are all so friendly and helpful,

On the way back to our apartment we stopped at the grocery store to purchase dinner.  We each made a salad from the salad bar and I purchased chocolate ice-cream for dessert.

What a great day of exploring Oslo.  Sue said we walked over 6 miles and my knee was really feeling it.

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  1. It’s amazing how much you an cram into one day!


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