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Traveling around the world as far as I can go.


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  1. For anyone who has read The Emerald Mile, this date will ring a bell. 7/1/1983 was near the end of a massive spring runoff that nearly compromised the Glen Canyon Dam. The dam operators sent as much water as possible over and around the dam in order to save it. This caused the runoff into the Colorado below the dam and through its 277-mile course to the Grand Wash Cliffs to reach epic proportions. The runoff ballooned from the normal 12,000 cubic feet per second (about what we experienced during our trip) to the 92,000 cfs noted on the rock.

    This rare event inspired the dory Emerald Mile to make a speed run through the canyon at the end of June 1983. The same trip that took us eight days, it did in a little over 36 hours — a record that hasn’t been touched in the 36 years since.

    This rock was barely out of the water on 7/1/1983. When we walked to it during our trip it was perhaps 200 yards from the river and 10 feet above it.


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