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4th Day on the Colorado River – 4/26

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Taking down our campsites was a  morning activity for all of us.



Ann and I had finished so Ann was helping Bunny who had her own tent.

Kathy had her own tent and was able to quickly take hers down so she had a bit more time.

Stretching was a good thing to do.

Liz amazed me when she did pushups.

We had to be sure we secured the dry bags correctly.

We stuffed several dry bags with tents (3 to 4 in each bag).

Everything had to be brought down to the rafts.

Loading the rafts was made easier when we all helped but it was still a lot of work.

Climbing onto the raft took some work and balance.

We went through 4 rapids before we were almost at Kaibab Suspension Bridge which was built in 1928. You can see it in the distance.

I zoomed in the camera lens to see the people who were crossing the bridge.

I can’t remember what this was but I like the photo.

Duffy and Emily docked the rafts. We were ready to walk up to the bridge.

Filling up our water bottles with water that did not have chlorine in it was a treat.

Audrey, Ken, Ann and I were ready for the short hike to the bridge.


The Kaibab Trail Suspension Bridge was the first span across Colorado in the Grand Canyon… It’s a foot and mule bridge only.  This is the path that we walked to the bridge.

The Kaibab Bridge is also on the outskirts of Phantom Ranch, where many rim-to-rim hikers spend the night. We could have walked from here to Phantom Ranch but we didn’t go there.  I thought about the time Bill, Erin, and I stayed at Phantom ranch after riding the mules down from the South Rim and how I had wished that I had walked down instead of riding.

After crossing the bridge I saw Ken taking a photo of the bridge with the rafts below…


…so I took a photo of him.

 The Kaibab Bridge is over 90 years old, but there is archaeological evidence of indigenous peoples having lived near present-day Phantom Ranch almost 1000 years ago.


Some of us took a lot of photos of the view from the top.

Sue was wearing one of her great geologist shirts.  We were bound to see Schist today.

It was fun to take the short hike to the bridge.  We got to stretch our legs for a bit after riding on the rafts.

We were back to the rapids in less than a mile. I am not sure which rapid this was, but Cher sure was having fun.

I learned from Ken and this photo that this is a Travertine formations. The green in the foreground is vegetation, but the dark green on the cliff is mostly Travertine limestone

Emily often brushed her teeth on the raft.

We just finished the run through the rapid and were waiting for Duffy’s raft.

They sure were having fun.

It must be much more exciting for this small rafts – especially the kayak.

Very shortly we were in another rapid.


I am thinking the rapids must have been Pipe Springs Rapid followed by Horn Creek Rapid.

Sue and Liz were sure enjoying this.

Here comes Duffy again.  We were in calm enough waters for me to take these with the Lumix camera so I was able to use the zoom and get clearer photos.


They sure got wet.

We stopped for another great salad wrap for lunch.

With time for me to take photos of a cacti…

… and for our guides to relax a bit.

Everyday there were more wonderful rock formations.  Oh, Sue, I wish you were here to identify these as I write the post.

I love the way these look like trails through the rocks.  Ken wrote that the wavy lines in this cliff are granite dikes which forced their way within the schist.

Kathy was sure having a great time.

Liz was in her favorite spot on the raft.

The views of the canyon while going through the rapids were awe inspiring.

I love this view of the drop …

…and more rock formations.


Wouldn’t it be fun to do the rapids in this dory?  That is what my brother-in-law, Mel, did as the 3rd trip he took through the Canyon.

I wondered how this great rock just sits there without falling off?

I don’t know how this boat was left on the rocks.

Another day of rafting came to an end.  We unloaded the raft, set up camp, and were ready for dinner.

This was quite the day.  There are not many more beautiful places to eat dinner.

We were camped at mile 120 – Michael Jacobs – and we again hit the sack pretty early.


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  1. I loved all of the photos showing camp life!


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