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September 15th


We found out that they were going to bring cows down from the mountains to Lauterbrunnen today so we took the train and tram down this morning. We got there at 9:30 which gave us time to walk to Staubbach Waterfall.

I took a photo before we walked up to the falls.

We were able to walk behind the waterfall and I took photos from the side.

I took a photo of the cemetery below us as we were walking back down.  The flowers at almost every grave were beautiful.

After we walked down, Shirley took a photo of the waterfall with the clouds forming above it.  The clouds were moving across sky.

Then we walked back to town. The cows were supposed to come down at about 11:00 but we found out that they had not even left the top before 11:00. I waited with some other people right where they were supposed to come onto the main street.

This is one of my favorite cows from today.

I had so much fun seeing them and had to run along with them until they were put into the pasture right near Staubbach Waterfall. I put most of the other photos into collages.

Here are 3 of the young people who helped bring down the cows.

I talked for a bit with the people who brought the cows down. Some of them were putting something on the back of their hands and seemed to be smelling it. I thought it was something sweet-smelling so I asked them what it was. They asked it I would like to try it and I did. It turns out it was just some kind of Apricot Snuff which they called, “Schnupftabak.” Here I am trying it.

I had so much fun this morning. We were lucky to be here when they were having this event because we had heard that it usually doesn’t happen this early in September.

I also took a couple of videos of the cows.

After the parade of cows Shirley and I took a bus to Stechelberg so we could hike uphill and get closer to Schmadribach which is a waterfall we had seen a couple of days ago from a distance.

We saw many hang gliders today. I just love these 5 together close to the cliff.

These are the photos taken on our hike. The river we were walking along was another of the Lüutchine Rivers. This one is named after the Schmadribach. Apparently there are 5 of them. I love these rivers.

We had Raclette for lunch.  It was served with curried pumpkin pieces that were absolutely delicious.

We tried to hike high enough to see the whole Schmadribach but did not have enough time.  Besides, we were pretty tired from going uphill the whole afternoon.  So this photo is just the top of it.


We are really going to miss this area of Switzerland. Before we left Portland, many people wondered why we were planning to spend 9 days in the same area. We barely touched the surface of all the wonderful hiking around here. I absolutely love Murren and our wonderful view of the Eiger, Jungfrau, and Mönch from our room at the Eiger Guest House.

It is hard to believe that we really only have 3 more days in Switzerland.

Author: Nancy Panitch

Traveling has been a passion of Nancy Panitch's life and she loves seeing how people in other cultures live. Her travels have taken her to many places within the United States, Asia, Europe, South America, and Africa. Being around people inspires her and she has much gratitude for the kindred Souls that are joining together with her in body, mind, and heart. She moved from Chicago to Portland, Oregon in 1982. It was one of the best decisions of her life. While in Portland she stays very, VERY busy. She volunteers (Inter-Religious Action Network, Human Rights Council, & ushering for various theaters); attends a Unitarian Universalist church; goes hiking with groups (Cascade Prime Timers & Trails Club of Oregon) and also with individual friends. Book groups, movie group, and bridge groups occupy her time as well. Her quiet activities include yoga, knitting, Sudoku, and reading. She enjoys all of these activities, but making time to see her wonderful 4 grandchildren takes priority over it all. She is happy to share this blog and hopes to encourage others to travel.

3 thoughts on “September 15th

  1. I’ve heard of running with the bulls…. But not of running with the cows…. Always something new and wonderful on your trips.


  2. Just love your pictures.Running with cows,OK.Love the water falls.


  3. What is the big deal about bringing the cows down? I did that all the time growing up. What am I missing? Beautiful pictures.


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