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More Burgos and on To Hontanas


Francicso brought me back to Burgos at 8 am and I met up with Rosa and Elodia. We had breakfast and got in line for the Municipal Albergue. We were 3rd through 5th in line.

Elodia and I waited in line at the municipal albergue in Burgos.
Rosa & I went off to buy her new leggings while Elodia held our places. It didn’t take long for there to be more than 50 people in the line.

There weir many people in line in Burgos.
We actually got to see Xaui and Carmen one more time before they left. It was also great to have Anna walk by us. I am always surprised when I get to see people again and again.

I met up with Anna in Burgos.
After we checked in to this wonderful Albergue and did a bit of laundry, we went to see the Church of Saint Nicolas. The altar which is all stone was spectacular.

This s a close-up of the stone alter.

This stone alter is spectacular.

Another view of the stone alter in Burgos.

Stone Alters are beautiful.
I loved the wooden doors to the church.

There were wooden doors to the church.
On the way back to the Albergue we passed a vegetarian restaurant and the smell of the food enticed us to stop.

We had lunch at a vegetarian restaurant.


An International Restaurant in Burgos was so good.
By the time we finished lunch it was 4:00 and a short siesta was mandatory.

Then we went to Museo de la Evolution which was clearly wonderfully done. The details and explanations of the findings of the earliest evidence of man on the European Continent found in Atapuerca.

Then we met up with Ruth (her last night on the Camino) for dinner.

I love the sculpture of the pilgrim tending to his feet which was outside our Albergue.

I loved the pilgrim sculpture in Burgos.
The buildings in Burgos, around The plazas are great. One even has two clocks on it.

A building in Burgos.

Another building in Burgos.



A building with 2 clocks in Burgos.
Clemente and his friend picked us up at 8:30 and his friend dropped us all off close to Rabe De la Caldazos which took another 13.5 km off of my walking the Camino. I felt a bit guilty, but it was nice not to have to walk all the way through Burgos.
I liked the tiny villageof Rabe De la Caldazos and the little church near it.

I love the stone churches.A small mural next to a stone wall.A small park in Tarjados.


Wooden doors in stone wall.
Today was my first walk on the Meseta. It only had a couple of very low (150 meters) hills. I really enjoyed walking very slowly by myself just briefly talking with other pilgrims.

A tractor on the Mesata.

I loved walking through the meseta.
When I arrived at San Bol (about 5 km from my destination) which is not a village, but only a small Albergue that holds 12 people. I took off my boots to air my feet and two men from Italy made me a tomato and onion sandwich which just hit the spot. I forgot to take a photo of us at our wonderful lunch, but I saw them when I arrived in Hotanas.

Here are the men who made my lunch in San Bol.
I also got to see Marlin again and Ellen who I met in Los Arcos.

I loved seeing Ellen again.
Today was just under 20 km.
Rosa and I actually had our laundry done today and we are about to have dinner in the Albergue Santa Brigada. I can smell the wonderful cooking now  – so off to eat.

Author: Nancy Panitch

Traveling has been a passion of Nancy Panitch's life and she loves seeing how people in other cultures live. Her travels have taken her to many places within the United States, Asia, Europe, South America, and Africa. Being around people inspires her and she has much gratitude for the kindred Souls that are joining together with her in body, mind, and heart. She moved from Chicago to Portland, Oregon in 1982. It was one of the best decisions of her life. While in Portland she stays very, VERY busy. She volunteers (Inter-Religious Action Network, Human Rights Council, & ushering for various theaters); attends a Unitarian Universalist church; goes hiking with groups (Cascade Prime Timers & Trails Club of Oregon) and also with individual friends. Book groups, movie group, and bridge groups occupy her time as well. Her quiet activities include yoga, knitting, Sudoku, and reading. She enjoys all of these activities, but making time to see her wonderful 4 grandchildren takes priority over it all. She is happy to share this blog and hopes to encourage others to travel.

4 thoughts on “More Burgos and on To Hontanas

  1. I would love all the little villages and byways.


  2. I can tell you are having a great time. You always have a big smile on your face!


  3. Nancy, You look quite ecstatic. I can tell you’re enjoying a wonderful adventure!!!


  4. St Nicholas Church was marvelous – lead me on a Wikipedia search and, the village is sweet to see. Glad you enjoyed your quiet walk, though I seem to read Clemente’s name quite often 😉


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